Esta é uma seleção pessoal de alguns dos meus melhores projetos pessoais ou profissionais nas minhas áreas favoritas da ciência da computação.

"Patterns in N-Body Simulations: Analysis of the Three Body Problem"

Wolfram Staff Picks (2019) 🏅
"In this project, I analyze n-body simulations outputs and their patterns by utilizing different statistical methods, visualization algorithms, and feature extraction techniques..."

"Brazilian Wild and Criminal Fires: Analysis and Visualization"

Wolfram Staff Picks (2020) 🏅
"[...] I perform some data parsing, analysis and visualization on the data from the “INPE's Fire Database” that uses the NASA MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) data to search for wildfires and automatically extract the geographical position, administrative division and the radioactive fire power."

"QuickCheck.wl: Automated Property-Based Testing"

Wolfram Staff Picks (2021) 🏅
"In this article, I present the QuickCheck.wl package for the QuickCheck[] automated property-based testing function with strongly-typed assumptions..."

"Corrigendum.wl: Robust Handling of Values and Errors"

Wolfram Staff Picks (2021) 🏅
"In this article, I present the Corrigendum.wl package that introduces many exclusive types and functions inspired from languages such as Rust and Haskell..."